How long have you been doing photography?

This is always a loaded question I have been around photography for twenty seven years (almost twenty-eight). I have been doing photography for thirteen years and weddings for over a year.

Do you offer discounts?

No, in order to maintain the quality and awesome customer service I am not able to give discounts.

Do you offer Albums?

At this time no but I am looking to offer them.

What is your style?

My style is “candid.” I love capturing people in the moment. I believe doing this with a mixture posed shots is the best way to capture the most beautiful moments with my client.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Initially, by phone. It is nice to get to know you personally and I can lend a hand with planning if needed. When I am not photographing I am usually in the office from 8am-5pm.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

I recommend 8-10 hours of coverage. This will get you from getting ready to the exit. If you have a tight budget I also offer 4 hours of coverage but this is limited and does not offer quite as much coverage.

Do I need a second shooter?

If your guest count is over 100, I highly recommend. If you have more than 300 guests, I would highly having two. Your day will be more relaxing and you will get more comprehensive coverage.

Can we meet with you before the wedding?

Yes, I would love to meet you in person. Booking an engagement or a bridal session will help me get to know you and vice versa. Give me a call at your most convenient time and we can set an appointment.

Will you travel?

Yes I do.

What is your dream wedding to photograph?

Well this is a loaded question. I am a bit of a nerd so either a Harry Potter or Gilmore Girls themed wedding would tickle my fancy.

What camera equipment do you use?

I am a Nikon gal through and through. I have two DSLR bodies and I have six different lenses I take to all of my photo assignments.

Do you still offer portraits?

Yes and no. I offer Bridals and engagements other than that No I don’t

Do you edit my pictures?

Yes. I color correct, dodge, burn, and crop. This means that your images will look consistent, professional, and crisp. I will also convert 10% of your images into black and white.

Can I use these images on my social media?

You’ll be able to share your images directly from your gallery to any social media site. Please credit Caitlin Funkhouser Photography when you post.


Source: http://cidphotography.org/FAQ