Share my WHY

Why am I a wedding Photographer?

I have been around photography my whole life. My two inspirations are my uncle and Ansel Adams. I grew up watching my uncle  take shots of my family and other models. I remember watching my uncle take each shot, observing the lighting, posture, and composition of the frame. I remember seeing how happy he was and how happy he could make each client. Even today my uncle carries on with his photography by teaching classes at Saint Catherine’s in Richmond. No matter what struggle he faced he always stuck with photography. I have always cherished the work of Ansel Adams. It always astounded me how he could capture so much in just one shot.  These are the two drivers that pushed me to take photography classes in High School where I was first exposed to the world of film photography. I loved being able to manipulate the light, develop the film, and watch as the photos came alive in the solvent.

When I started college, I continued to be a hobbyist in the world of photography. My collegiate career began with a focus into the hospitality world. I had always loved to work with people and develop relationships. After spending some time exploring this venue I began to ask myself what path was right for me? My photography hobby  was beginning to take on more and more of a roll in my life, at that point I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer. After going to school for a year I switched my major to Visual Arts and haven’t looked back. I absolutely love what I do. The first subject I explored was photographing my pets. This provided me with the experience of how to work with difficult subjects haha. I would have to wait to capture the perfect moments and I began to find lighting has a key dictation in each shot. I then began to stray into nature and landscape photography, which added a bigger emphasis on patience and timing to each shot. After exploring this media for some time, I began to work myself into capturing architecture. I started with a project of capturing abandoned houses in the Shenandoah Valley then I began to look at historical structures/landmarks. After years of experience in these fields I started to work my way into portraits. At first I started with friends and family, but through time I began to work with new clients doing maternity shoots, Family Portraits, and graduation photos. I stemmed off from this and began to work with recently engaged couples doing Engagement shoots and Bridal shoots. I began contacting local photographers and second shooting for weddings. This where I found my appreciation within the photography field. I love capturing someone’s most memorable and cherishable moments, the details especially. The raw emotion on the bride or groom’s face is simply one of the most beautiful things I believe someone can capture. I have a deep appreciation for each moment when I am allotted to capture someone’s most sacred memory.  Weddings to me are a time of celebration, happiness, and a ton of tears (happy of course). I also love getting to know people and hearing their individual love stories.